Living a Parable

An Interview With Dad

October 03, 2022 Season 1 Episode 14
Living a Parable
An Interview With Dad
Show Notes

This week I have a special episode AND a special project for you!

I interviewed all members of my family with the goal of having a little fun and letting them tell their sides of the stories that I have been shared about them in Living a Parable and that I continue to share about them in the podcast.

You've read the stories in the book, you've heard more in the podcast, now you will be able to hear directly from those involved in those stories. 

As the father of five children, listen as my dad shares what was the most difficult part of raising so many children with so many different personalities and what it took to bring out the best in each in their own way.

What is the project I have for you?

This week I would like to encourage you to interview your family members. In conducting the interviews I stumbled across something bigger and even more valuable! Doing the interviews were more fun than I imagined they would be! Not only will the interviews be interesting for fans of the book and podcast but the joy they've brought my family was a very welcomed surprise. In this week's blog, Interview Your Family, I share with you tips on how to conduct your interview along with resources that provide you with questions to ask. When you conduct your own family interview you will learn more about your family and experience a closeness as you find out how alike, or how different, you truly are.

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